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Bethluvsbooks, January 11th, 2017, 6:56 pm( Reply )

COMIC NEWS - I was actually kind of under the impression that no one besides, like, three of my friends read Never the Hero. When I had to stop making it and focus on other things, I told my friends and then... Never put anything on here. I'm really sorry about that.
You know, I started making Never the Hero right when I was graduating high school? Now I'm about four months away from graduating college. But I've been coming up with NTH story ideas since before I was graduating middle school. Shit's weird, man.


While I had to focus on my jobs, school, and various life-related dramas; I stopped updating NTH for a few weeks. Those few weeks spread out into months, because I realised I wasn't happy with a lot of the established setting and plot. I was tired of trying to bend over backwards to fix cruddy old ideas. Not only that, but characters that had started out as side characters, who'd been designated as cannon fodder since the beginning of the story? Those fuckers started TAKING OVER THE WHOLE PLOT.

So, this is me, starting over.

I'm making the prequel to Never the Hero. I called it 'Sometimes the Bad Guy', cause I have a shitty sense of humor. It's hosted over on Taptastic, at https://tapastic.com/series/Sometimes-the-Bad-Guy , because I like their programs for supporting creators.
Sometimes the Bad Guy stars Jethro Todd and Alec Ballesteros, and it has a couple of guys heading out to college, surviving explosions, superpowers, ~finding yourself~, morally dubious actions, kissing, and teenagers who think their hair looks better than it does.
I think it's a good read, I mean, personally! Right now it has like five pages, so there's stuff there.
After Sometimes the Bad Guy is over, I'll be rebooting Never the Hero. It'll be in modern times this time, so shit's gonna change, but all the characters are gonna be the same lovable assholes.

The 18yo me who started NTH didn't know shit, and decided to set the plot so far in the future so they wouldn't have to research shit. They didn't know shit about pacing, panels, word bubbles, or basic character design.
And I'd do it again in a heartbeat.
I'm so thankful 18yo me started making NTH. Because it made me /learn/ that shit. I love NTH, and I had to evolve as a person for NTH's sake.

For everyone who read this, my first attempt at a comic? I love you, too. You, and everything about this, have been a huge impact on my life. Thank you.

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